Ishinomaki- Week 6 (Zak)

This will be my last week in Ishinomaki City. The month passed by quite fast.  Meaning I enjoyed my time here: after all time flies when you’re having fun right? I spent most of the time this week preparing for my next expedition. Bought some warm clothes and said my goodbyes. From Ishinomaki, I will be going to Hokkaido next via Sendai.

January 22

After a series of events me and SR (the guy who’s going to open a curry shop) decided to do a little food event, in which we will make Mongolian and Indian food. It was perfect because I was thinking of doing something interesting before I leave the city. So I created an event page and a simple poster for showing and my sharehouse mate helped me to get the word out.


Here we are starting to prepare the food with some beats. Having cool beats playing in the background makes cooking much more enjoyable. I think what they say about, cooking for your friends is fun but not much so for yourself, is very true.


And voila! Our finished creation—magnifique! The plating is by SR. I think it turned out to be rather good, definitely more than my expectation. The visuals are not bad too, you could serve this somewhere for sure.


Good thing that everyone seemed to enjoy our little dish. Even though the event came to be quite suddenly, 15 people showed up. All in all, including me and my sharehouse mates, there were around 20 people.


Later on, it started to snow greatly outside. Was worried at first that it would be difficult for people to go home but it didn’t seem to bother too much, in the end, we were all just enjoying ourselves talking, drinking and dancing to the beat.


January 26

Having no connections with the Ocean I was never very keen on seafood. Didn’t like it much, the only seafood I liked to eat was tuna and shrimp tempura. However, after staying in Ishinomaki for a while and with everyone's generosity I got to eat some of the local seafood—was delicious. I gotta say though, so many weird stuff that I didn’t exactly know what I was eating (hopefully nothing too weird). Yet nothing beats what I ate on this day. Real. Good. Sushi. My sincerest gratitude for the people who took me there.

January 27

This will be my last day in Ishinomaki City. So I went around town to say goodbye to all the people I met during my stay here. During which, I managed to go to a cheap clothes store to prepare for my stay at Hokkaido. Bought some warm socks, gloves and a sweater. I’m all set now. Later I went to have a few drinks with the person I met at the newspaper museum, this time we had a nice little discussion about memories and, how people tend to change their memories of the past in a way that makes it a more interesting story. Apparently, he noticed this when the people he interviewed years ago, answered differently to the same questions he asked before. It was an interesting point, It could be that we like to tell stories inherently.

When I got back to my sharehouse, my housemate had just made some paella and asked if I would like some. Yes, please! Had a very warm delicious taste.


We had rented a few movies before to watch at the sharehouse. I had watched all of the rented movies except one—Lion. My housemate hadn’t watched it too so we watched it together with some nice coffee. A good way to spend my last night at the sharehouse. I liked the movie, it was very touching. The first part with the train really stuck with me as I kind of had a similar experience.

January 28

Ishinomaki City has been very good to me. It was a short stay, but I enjoyed my time here very much. Made new friends and met with a lot of interesting people, each doing their own thing. I would definitely come visit again in the future and will be looking forward to it. Honestly, I was slightly anxious at first but when I look back now, there was really no need. Everyone was kind and good people. The community here had a very good vibe that just warmly covers you, so I really had nothing to worry about. Do note that I mainly stayed in one part of the city so I don’t know about the rest much. During my stay, I learned a lot about regional revitalization and the problems that people face. Also now I know the real terror of earthquakes and tsunamis. Frankly, I didn’t really give it much thought but if you live in Japan you can’t ignore it and should prepare for it.

A very big thank you to all the people who made my stay wonderful.