Let's Talk Japan is a series of events organized by BOUNDLESS to engage the international community in the discussion of "regional revitalization" of Japan, so that we can tackle the challenges from different perspectives, and ultimately create a global knowledge sharing platform.

Since the burst of the bubble economy in the early 1990s, Japan has been struggling to deal with depopulation in the rural areas, aging population and the decline of primary and traditional industries. For example, 60% of the municipalities in Japan will be halved in population by 2050, and the population of the people 65 years and above will increase from 25% (2014) to 50% (2040). The unipolar concentration of Japan’s population in Tokyo means that the suburbs and rural regions are declining rapidly in its population, economy and industry. This led to the beginning of “regional revitalization” led by the Japanese government in 2014.

In order to tackle this conundrum, there has been a trend of “regional revitalization” efforts going on in recent years. However, many of these efforts are targeted at the Japanese population. Although the Japanese population is declining rapidly, there has been a continuous expansion of the international community in Japan, including international students enrolled in Japanese universities, Japanese language schools and specialized institutes, as well as international tourists and even Japanese nationals with international backgrounds. We believe that, by adding an additional approach that involves “non-Japanese” (both foreign residents and tourists), or even internationally minded Japanese such as returnees (Japanese who have lived abroad), we can figure out a way to expand the businesses of these local companies, eventually leading to regional revitalization. Therefore, the idea is to connect this growing international population with the rural regions in order to inject fresh perspectives to the revitalization movement. 

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Let's Talk Japan 1.0 (15 Nov 2016)

Let's Talk Japan 2.0 (16 Apr 2017)


Let's Talk Japanは弊社BOUNDLESSが主催しているイベントです。本イベントの趣旨は、留学生や国際派日本人が地方創生に対して関心を高め、そして地方創生について多角的視点による活発な議論を促すことです。


Let's Talk Japanは2016年11月の第1回が行われて以来、好評をいただいて2017年4月に第2回が行われた。今後も、東京に限らず、日本各地でそれぞれの地域に住む留学生や国際的な日本人が集い、地方創生について議論し、新たなアイデアを出し合うイベントを開催していきたいと考えています。

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Let's Talk Japan 1.0 (2016年11月15日)

Let's Talk Japan 2.0 (2017年4月16日)