Why We Do:

Japan is in the forefront of a multitude of problems including declining rural regions and aging population, which are fundamental threats to sustainability in terms of economy, environment and society. By connecting the hyper-global with the local, we can create a platform to share knowledge and exchange ideas on these universal issues from different perspectives.

What We Do: 

We organize programs to involve the international community in Japan’s rural revitalization movement and to share meaningful stories and lessons from rural Japan.


Ishinomaki (or a different rural city/ town in Japan)

Internship Job Description:

  • Build relationships with local residents.

  • Carry out casual interviews with locals. (Accompanied by a Japanese partner)

  • Write stories based on first-hand experiences/ interviews with locals.

  • Coordinate overseas visits.

Internship period:

We accept interns any time of the year. However, the minimum period for internship is 1 month (full time internship) and 6 months (part-time internship).

What You Can Gain:

  • Being in the forefront of Japan’s revitalization movement- You will learn about the reality of rural Japan from different perspectives, how real issues are being tackled and the challenges faced by the locals.

  • Self management and Project management- This internship is task-oriented, and you will be given the autonomy and freedom to decide how you wish to carry out the tasks, as long as the tasks are completed.

  • Communication skills- You will have the chance to communicate with different stakeholders of the local region, including government officials, farmers, residents, high school students etc. Apart from the language, your ability to communicate your ideas to people of different backgrounds and mindsets will be put to the test.

Remuneration: None 

*Please arrange and pay for your own flights to Japan. However, we will assist you in finding an affordable accommodation in your assigned region.

Click here for the Internship Report by Previous Intern.

Feel free to send us a message if you are interested in being an intern.