It is our pleasure to announce that BOUNDLESS will be playing a part in the Local Creator’s Market (hereafter written as LCM) whose aim is to support the overseas expansion and brand promotion of the regional products from Japan.

この度、弊社は、海外マーケットに精通する有識者を起用し、地域産品の産地ブランド化の推進、海外展開に向けた活動を支援するプロジェクト「Local Creator’s Market (ローカル・クリエーターズ・マーケット;以下LCMと称す)」 に携わらせていただくことになりました。

We are looking for creative communicators for the Local Creators’ Market Project supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. These individuals will assist manufacturers of regional crafts in promoting their products to a wider English-speaking market of consumers, buyers and collectors. 

Introducing Our New Intern from France!


BOUNDLESS joins Globis University’s Corporate Membership Program.

Learn about Shimokawa's efforts and challenges in creating a sustainable town, gain an once-in-a-lifetime experience working with Shimokawa's tourism board and town promotion department, and be part of Japan's revitalization movement!

We are looking for 3 international students to be part of this cause.



We invited a total of 22 participants of 17 different nationalities to join us in Ishinomaki as we tested out our pilot program for a learning program, and more importantly, we interacted with the locals to build a sustainable relationship with the city. Read our report here (Only in Japanese).

We are organizing a crowd funding with 8 international members to fund our next project to create a media to spread the charms of rural Japan to the world.





Read about our trip to Shimokawa in May. Sosei Partners (Shimokawa) 2018 will take place in three parts- May, July and September. This year we will be collaborating with Hokkaido University and bringing students specifically from Hokkaido University to learn about Shimokawa’s charms, challenges, as well as its impressive town planning, energy policies and forest management.

We are organizing a fieldtrip and workshop in Ishinomaki to learn about the innovative efforts that sprung up after the Great East Japan Earthquake between March 17 to 20, 2018. You will meet social innovators in person and learn about how they overcome challenges to create positive social impact, as well as the struggles they face.


Let's Talk Japan is a series of events organized by BOUNDLESS to engage the international community in the discussion of "regional revitalization" of Japan, so that we can tackle the challenges from different perspectives, and ultimately create a global knowledge sharing platform.

Let’s Talk Japanの趣旨は、日本における地方創生に留学生をはじめとする国際的な人材が関わり、意見交換をする場を構築することです。多様性溢れる人が関わることによって、新しい切り口や国際的な目線から「地方創生」に取り組むことができるでしょう。本イベントは株式会社BOUNDLESSが実施している「地方創生パートナーズ」の一環として行われます。