100 Faces of Yokohama(ヨコハマ100カ国100人)

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What is your image of Yokohama?


The largest Chinatown in Japan, Yokohama Baystars baseball team, or the glamorous Yokohama port where Commodore Matthew Perry’s historic landing in 1854 that turned a new page in Japanese history?


The population of international residents of Japan is on the rise in recent years and Yokohama is no exception. As of 2019, there is a total of 100,000 international residents of 160 nationalities living in Yokohama city, a whopping 20% increase in ten years since 2009.


As a company based in Yokohama, we would like to showcase the diversity of Yokohama, both to local residents, as well as to the world! Let us introduce our latest project: 100 Faces of Yokohama.


We will be creating a portrait compilation of 100 Yokohama residents of different nationalities, cultural backgrounds and their personal stories. If you are a Yokohama resident of a foreign nationality, or happen to know someone, please let us know!



  • Residing in Yokohama (preferably more than 5 years).

  • Of a nationality (or cultural background) not listed below.

  • You can choose to take the photo by yourself, with your partner or with your family.





So far, (as of 6 June 2019) we have the following nationalities/ cultural backgrounds:


  1. Taiwan(台湾)

  2. Nepal(ネパール)

  3. Germany(ドイツ)

  4. Vietnam(ベトナム)