Sosei Partners: Shimokawa (Hokkaido)


With accommodation and meals provided, experience working with the local government and community towards regional revitalization!

We are looking for 3 to 4 international students to work with the Town Promotion and Industry Revitalization Department of Shimokawa, Hokkaido. Our team will be working with the local government and community between 3 March ~ 13 March 2017, while staying at a local home (home stay), to complete a set of assignments.

Application Deadline: 10 February 2017

Internship Period: 3 March 2017 ~ 13 March 2017


As part of Shimokawa’s revitalization plan and to enhance the overall functionality of the region as a whole, the local government is working towards the creation of a local consortium, by integrating various sectors including the forest industry, tourism and, sales and promotion of local products. Specific aims of this program include the following:

  To carry out a market research and report on Shimokawa’s local products and potential selling points through international and different perspectives, so as to integrate the sale of local products into the local inbound tourism strategy. 

  To create multilingual (English, Simplified Chinese, Thai) pamphlets that summarizes the attractions of Shimokawa and the above market research, as well as to place them in accommodation facilities in the cities.

We are looking for the following participants:

 1 from a Chinese-speaking country

・1 from Thailand (or from South East Asia)

・1 native English speaker from North America or Europe

The team should ideally consist of at least one person who has:

 Interest in sustainable city development/ sustainable lifestyles

・Design skills


・Transportation within the town will be by walking, or by car for longer distances.

 We will be visiting local farmers of tomatoes and asparagus to listen to their stories.

・We will be experiencing forest-related tourism first-hand, as well as talking to the related personnel to know more about it.

・We will be visiting local energy-related industries and companies to learn more about the local situation.

・Most importantly, we will be traveling around and enjoying ourselves in Shimokawa!


1.        Pamphlets (three languages: Simplified Chinese, Thai and English. One side contains the experience-based tourism of the region. The other contains information on the local specialty products.

2.        Mid-term report on the attractions of the region and suggestion for promotion after the internship

3.        Final report consisting of the following points:

・A market survey report and a proposal for promotion of the tourism resources and local specialty products of Shimokawa, considering the cultural compatibilities, needs, demands and trends of each country or cultural sphere.

・A proposal suggesting appropriate and effective promotional media outlets for targeted customers of each country or cultural sphere, as well as a long-term plan proposal for the local region’s tourism.