Charles (Singapore)


Charles (Singapore) (Took part in Sosei Partners- Shimokawa)

Sosei Partners was an extremely fun and rewarding experience! We spent a total of ten days in Shimokawa learning about its local industries also getting to know the townsfolk. I spent five nights staying at a local newspaper branch office and another five nights at a restaurant. Through conversing with my host families, I had managed to learn more about the allures of Shimokawa from a personal perspective and came to understand why they had moved there. The nature was grand, the town was sustainable, and most importantly, the people were warm. I had grown to love Shimokawa myself too! In order to repay my debt for the wonderful experience that Shimokawa had given me, as part of the program, I had designed three promotional leaflets for them. One was written in English by my fellow team member Hester, one in Mandarin Chinese by Joy, and one in Thai by Jade. These brochures have been placed in some youth hostels located in Sapporo so do check them out if you happen to be there! If not for Sosei Partners, I doubt I would ever get to immerse myself in a rural Japanese town, much less to create something for them. So a big thank you to our boss, Dennis, and his project, Sosei Partners!