Gae (Thailand)


Gae (Thailand) (Took part in Sosei Partners- Yame):

With Sosei Partners, I went to Yame city in Fukuoka prefecture. It is located amongst mountains, and is rich in nature. Yame tea is the most famous product of the city and our mission is to promote this city to foreigners by advertising Yame tea. It was a challenging task but I have learned a lot from spending time in this city. Yame is a city with a lot of kind and friendly local people who always welcome foreigners warmly. It is also a city steeped in history, beautiful culture and traditions. Another specialty of this city is “Washi” or “Japanese paper”.

Here, I enjoyed learning how to make tea while learning about its history, learning how to make Japanese paper and about people in old eras. I had fun hiking to the top of a mountain, where the statue of the monk who originated Yame tea is located, visiting a waterfall, and going for a walk along the river while viewing flowers.

I have been to almost all the places in Japan but this experience is different from others because I could really experience living in rural Japan and see another side of Japan, where not many travelers can experience. As such, it was very worth joining program. Participating Fukuoka trip with Sosei Partners was one of my unique and unforgettable experiences in Japan.