Trinh Doan (Vietnam)

Trinh Doan.jpg

The summer with Sosei Partners in Tono and Urahoro has been the best summer ever! Since I had just been in Japan for a half of year before I joined the programme, I hardly could find any spiritual connection with Japan society. But I was so surprised how charming the rural parts of Japan is. Sosei Partners really brought me the opportunity to discover another face of the modern and luxurious Japan, let me involve in the revitalization movement in these places, let me feel like being a part of Japan society.

Moreover, there’s something about being surrounded by a group of interesting people, and that experience is heightened even more knowing that all of us are connected by the same faith with different missions. I’m not sure I’ve discovered everything that I have taken away from Tono and Urahoro with those interesting people yet, but I do know this: I’m more willing to grow and explore it because of what I’ve experienced in this programme.

I am more than happy to give this programme 5 stars and I have a strong belief that Sosei Partners will be really successful in the near future!