Lee (Thailand)


Joining with Sosei Partners has been one of the best valuable experience in Japan. Here is why. 

First, it gives you the best chance for you to interact and learn about locals in rural area. 
Sosei Partners works with the rural city with their current problems, or else with somethings that the cannot see with the eyes of locals themselves. We really go for a fieldwork in the real place with the real locals to see what is really going on and what they think about it. 

Second, you get to use your skills in the project. There are always openings in the project for you to throw your skills in it!

Last, you get to work with a potluck of colleagues from different fields and countries, ranging from students to professionals. 

So, I recommend Sosei Partners for several reasons. Go join it and you will know what real rural life works. Also, it is a good place to challenge whatever skills you have. By far, the best!