Memorable Moments in Shimokawa

地方創生パートナーズ(下川町)(番外編: 下川町で印象に残った名言集)

Sosei Partners (Shimokawa) (Memorable quotes and moments in Shimokawa)

1. アテネファームのトマトカップル (A lovely couple madly in love with tomatoes and each other)


"When we used to live in Tokyo, we worked in different companies and so every morning we would head for work separately and not see each other till late at night. However, when we moved to Shimokawa and started farming tomatoes together, we could finally spend every moment with each other. We got married because we loved each other. I feel so happy here as we talk non stop about tomatoes everyday, as we work hard together toward a common goal. We have never felt so blessed and happy together."

2. タイの参加者が初めて出会った、自分のことを怖がらない子供 (Our Thai participant who finally met a child who doesn't fear him)


"Kids usually cry or run away whenever I get close to them. I thought I was fated to be disliked by them. However, during my homestay this time, I had meals, folded origami and played with Yuna chan. I finally met a child who doesn't fear me."

3. リスと暮らしたいからフィンランドに移住したが、素敵なライフスタイルを持ち帰ってきた女性 (A lady who moved to Finland because she wanted to live with squirrels but came back with much more)


"I initially moved to Finland because I wanted to live with squirrels. I then fell in love with the lifestyle that blends into nature and the wood crafts that comes from nature. However when I came back to Japan, I chose not to import these lovely wood crafts but instead decided to bring back the idea of living with the blessings of nature, by making wood crafts using local wood here. I brought back the concept, not the objects."