Sosei Partners (Yame ) 3/20 ~ 3/23

Sosei Partners (Yame) Day 1


Together with international students from Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and China, we arrived at Yabe village in Yame, Fukuoka prefecture. We learnt about the different types of Yame tea, their respective methods of growing and so on, from the tea master of Chiyonoen tea farm, as he served us Sencha, Gyokuro (jade dew premium tea), Hojicha (roasted green tea), Match genmai cha (matcha brown rice tea) and black tea. It was interesting to learn that the temperature of hot water, sizes of the pots and cups vary depending on the types of tea.


The world of tea is indeed profound. We look forward to discovering more about Yame.

Sosei Partners (Yame) Day 2


We visited Konomi-en, the oldest tea merchant house in Kyushu established 150 years ago, where we were served tea in the ceremonial style. Konomi-en exported to European countries such as Russia in the 1910s, and have been a key connector between Japan and Europe. We were all impressed by the profoundness of tea ceremony, the intricacy of the architecture and the long history of Konomi-en.


We then had lunch in a 200-year-old building that was refurnished into a stylish café, and then went to the traditional crafts gallery and the Central Tea Farm in the afternoon. The Central Tea Farm was absolutely breathtaking with its large fields of tea farms. We brainstormed about what kind of tourism is suitable for tourism, and the direction in which this city should head toward. There is no single magical solution but we will do our best to deliver whatever we can.

Sosei Partners (Yame) Day 3


Yame tea originated in 1423 when a monk arrived in Yame from China to build Reiganji Temple and spread the farming of tea leaves. We went up the mountain of Reiganji Temple where we were greeted by a spectacular view of terrace tea farms.


In the evening, we gathered together with the young people living in Yabe village and Kurogi town (Kasahara district) for dinner. It was an international dinner with Singapore’s Bak Kut Teh, Thai green curry, Vietnamese Pho, Chinese potatoes and chicken wing stew and other dishes. Altogether we had people from Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Russia, Austria, Iran and Japan! Apparently it was the first time so many people from different countries gathered in Yabe village.