Sosei Partners for Summer 2017

This summer, we are organizing two projects with Tono (Iwate Prefecture) and Urahoro (Hokkaido) together with local companies and organizations. 

Click below for more information and to register for these activities.

Sosei Partners (Tono)

Sosei Partners (Urahoro)

Sosei Partners is an empowerment platform to connect the international community to the rural regions of Japan, with the aim of redesigning and re-imagining Japan and its tourism, in order to realize regional revitalization and sustainable development.

Through short stays in these rural regions, the international students learn about the local history, tradition and tourism, and what the locals value through interaction with them. Thereafter, the students will come up with different ways of rebranding the region and its tourism. The students will contribute their skills such as linguistic, IT and design, or other means and skills, and as a token receive free accommodation and meals.

So far, we have organized two other Sosei Partners projects with Shimokawa (Hokkaido) and Yame (Fukuoka). Please click below to get a clearer idea of our projects.

Sosei Partners (Shimokawa): 3 - 13 March 2017

Sosei Partners (Yame): 20 - 23 March 2017