Creative Communicators

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It is our pleasure to announce that BOUNDLESS will be playing a part in the Local Creator’s Market (hereafter written as LCM) whose aim is to support the overseas expansion and brand promotion of the regional products from Japan. LCM is organized by All About Co., Ltd., which runs All About Japan- a website that showcases Japanese culture to an international audience. This project is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) under the “Promotion of Regional Brands” project.

この度、弊社(株式会社BOUNDLESS)は、海外マーケットに精通する有識者を起用し、地域産品の産地ブランド化の推進、海外展開に向けた活動を支援するプロジェクト「Local Creator’s Market (ローカル・クリエーターズ・マーケット;以下LCMと称す)」 に携わらせていただくことになりました。LCMは、外国人目線で日本の魅力を海外向けに発信する情報サイト「All About Japan」を運営する株式会社オールアバウト(本社:東京都渋谷区、代表取締役長:江幡 哲也)が経済産業省「産地ブランド化推進事業」の補助事業を受けて2017年より実施しています。

The selected regions and regional crafts for this project in the 2018/19 fiscal year are Fukushima prefecture (braided crafts of Oku-Aizu), Gunma prefecture (Silk), Aichi prefecture (Setoyaki ware), Wakayama prefecture (Kishu lacquerware), Kurashiki city of Okayama Prefecture (Hampu cloth and Hamada city of Shimane Prefecture (Sekishu Japanese Paper).

2018年度 は、福島県(三編み組細工)、群馬県(シルク産業) 、愛知県(瀬戸焼)、和歌山県(紀州漆器)、岡山県倉敷市(帆布)、島根県浜田市(石州和紙)の合計6地域を採択し、支援を行っています。

BOUNDLESS will be in charge of one of the key components of this project- the Creative Communicators (or Sanchi Communicators), who will be in charge of promoting the regions and the crafts by communicating stories of the place, people and crafts in English to the international audience.

支援の一環として、ものづくり・地域の英語による広報業務を担う『SANCHIコミュニケーター』 は、弊社が擦りすぐった優秀な国際的なメンバーでチームを結成しています。

Since our establishment, Sosei Partners has been our core activity connecting the international community with rural Japan. On one hand, our international participants learn about the charms and challenges of rural Japan. On the other hand, they would contribute to the revitalization movement by providing their skills, as well as fresh and international perspectives to the regions.


This LCM project is an extension of Sosei Partners, where we have selected five outstanding creative communicators with international backgrounds to contribute to the branding of selected rural regions in Japan, as part of the ultimate aim of supporting the expansion of these regional products overseas.


Below are the creative communicators for the 2018/19 LCM project (by alphabetical order of their names).


1. Chao Ping Lai (USA)- Kishu Lacquerware of Wakayama Prefecture

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2. Chika Kondo (USA)- Sekishu Japanese paper of Hamada city, Shimane Prefecture


3. David Wang (Canada)- Hampu of Kurashiki city, Okayama Prefecture

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4. Keith Ng (Singapore)- Silk of Gunma Prefecture


5. Momoe Kubota (Japan)- Setoyaki ware of Aichi Prefecture