Iki Summer 2018

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Introduction of Iki:

Iki is an offshore island belonging to Nagasaki Prefecture, and is situated off the coasts of Kyushu between Fukuoka and South Korea. It is filled with rice paddy fields and white sandy beaches. Due to its geographic location, Iki island served as the gateway to Japan from China and Korea during ancient times. It is also known as the origin of modern-day Shinto in Japan. Apart from the spiritual presence and cultural significance Iki represents, it is also home to fresh seafood and great shochu (distilled alcohol made from barley).


  • Experience cutting-edge Innovation Education, as well as the local cities’ unique cultures.

  • Acquire skill-sets required for innovation.

  • Experience mindsets that are conducive to innovation.

  • Get an opportunity for personal development through new experiences and make a difference to the future of local Japanese cities through the creation of ideas.

  • Study the social contexts of natural resource management in Iki.

  • Discuss the principles and ideas of sustainability and how they are adapted to the complex reality.

  • Discover how innovative solutions to problems caused by population decline, aging population and tourism require an integration of social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.

Participation Fee: ¥30,000

Participation fee covers everything- accommodation, transportation, meals, workshop materials and workshop experience.

*Please note that only transportation within Japan is covered. If you live outside Japan, you have to cover for your own transportation to Japan and back to your own country, and any other expenses such as visa applications and travel insurance, if necessary.

**The participation fee above does not include tax. The actual participation fee will include 8% tax.

General Flow of Registration:

Registration Deadline: June 22, 2018 (First come first served)

After you register, we will have a simple Skype chat to talk in more detail.

Pre-Trip Gathering: July 21 or July 22 (TBC)

Program Dates: 8/4 ~ 8/8

*This program is organized by i.club and Fuji Xerox. Click here for more information.

** The program schedules and requirements are subject to change without advanced notice. 


Photos of Last Year's Activities in Iki