New Intern Introduction

Introducing Our New Intern from France!



Hi everyone! My name is Crystal, I’m a 20 yo French student in political science. I come from Grenoble, a middle-size city located about 1 hour from Lyon. Surrounded by mountains, this city welcomed the winter Olympic Games twenty years ago. It’s the place to be for alpine sports lovers!

Grenoble is also famous for its higher education. I entered Sciences Po Grenoble three years ago where I studied varied fields related to politics, such as economics, international relations and organizations, sociology, law, history and public policies. I will continue Sciences Po in Lyon in September for a master degree called “Contemporary Eastern Asia”.

Alongside university, I’m quite curious and I love to learn new things. I’ve practiced few different sports, such as climbing, martial arts, volley-ball and surfing. When I’m in a quieter mood I prefer drawing, photography or singing. My dream is to learn piano! But my main – and more expensive – hobby is traveling and meeting random people! I’ve already visited few countries and met awesome locals thanks to wwoofing and couch surfing in Ireland, the USA, Spain, Morocco and Japan.

I started to be interested in Japan during my last year of elementary school. It started with manga, which made me curious about Japanese culture. Then I started to study the language and to learn more about Japanese politics. Now I can say that I’m passionate about this country.

I came to Japan for the first time last summer, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I travelled alone for three months from Yamaguchi to Tokyo and stayed with locals I met along the way, which allowed me to discover both rural areas and big cities, traditional and modern Japan, touristic sites and hidden gems, and people from all generations and backgrounds.

This year I came back thanks to Sosei Partners with two aims. The first one is professional: working with Boundless will provide me with valuable experience for future employment. The second is personal: aside from for acquiring more knowledge about Japanese language, people and traditions, I will do my best to be helpful to the towns I will work with, and to thus contribute to the crucial issue of regional revitalization.







今年はSosei Partnersのインターン生として再び日本に戻ってきました。BOUNDLESSのインターン生として、将来就職のための貴重な経験をさせていただくのと、さらに日本の田舎の魅力を発見し、そして地方の現状を知ることが今回の目的です。地方、または地方創生に貢献できるよう頑張ってまいりたいと思います。