Sosei Partners (Ishinomaki)


The Sosei Partners team, comprising members from Spain, Mongolia, Nepal, Italy, Singapore, France and India, ventured into Ishinomaki to learn about the forward looking and future oriented projects driven by innovation that are giving Ishinomaki a brand new identity. 


Gota-san, the director of Ishinomaki 2.0, spoke at lengths about Ishinomaki, about his organization, and both his visions and challenges in building communities in Ishinomaki. We were all inspired by his passion. Thereafter, we went to the Ishinomaki Community and Information Centre, where we were introduced to the tragedy that struck this city in 2011. Despite all the negative events, Ishinomaki was full of hope and energy, all ready to move forward as one.

Ishinomaki 2.0の豪太代表は石巻やIshinomaki 2.0の話、自分の団体の将来のビジョンと現在の課題についてお話をしてくださいました。代表のパッションに感化されました。その後、石巻情報交流館で、東日本大震災の話を学ばせていただきました。2011年には悲劇が起きたものの、石巻は希望とエネルギーに満ち溢れていて、前向きになっているような気がしました。


We walked around Kadonowaki and Minamihama areas, which were the regions most affected by the tsunami, interacted with some elementary school students, before heading to Ishinomaki Laboratory, which specializes in making DIY furniture. Ishinomaki Lab has a very interesting concept of teaching people how to make furniture by themselves, instead of just merely selling furniture. Once again, we were touched by his warm passion. At evening, we exchanged our views over dinner, as all of us had different opinions on Ishinomaki and how we could be part of its revitalization movement.



This was a short trip, but we have been working closely with Ishinomaki for some time, and hopefully this would be the beginning of a long-term project that benefits both locals and foreigners. Look forward to more in the near future!