Seiyo Summer 2019


Introduction of Seiyo:

Seiyo is located in the Shikoku island of the Japanese archipelago. It is divided into three distinct parts- the mountainous area, the coastal region and the traditional village. Each part has its own charms- the mountainous region is where you can find rustic sceneries and old lifestyles, the coastal region is where oranges are grown and marine activities are bustling, and the traditional village is lined with merchant houses from the 18th century. 

Last year, we visited the coastal region dotted with orange trees and flanked by the Sea of Uwa. This year, we will be visiting a different part of Seiyo- Shirokawa. Shirokawa is situated at the base of a mountain and is defined by idyllic sceneries of sprawling and picturesque rice fields.


Learning Points:

  • Learn about the challenges faced by Shirokawa, such as how the declining population led to the disappearance of a local festival.

  • Discuss with local players to come up with ideas on how they can utilize their natural resources (such as the limestone cave) to revitalize the local region.

  • Discover how innovative solutions to problems caused by population decline, aging population and tourism require an integration of social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.

Participation Fee: ¥15,000 (Special Price for Students), ¥40,000 (For Non-students)

Participation fee covers accommodation, workshop materials and workshop experience.

Note: Transportation to Seiyo and meals are NOT covered.

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General Flow of Registration Process:

Registration Deadline: July 31, 2019 (First come first served)

After you register, we will have a simple Skype chat to talk in more detail.

Program Date: August 26 - 30, 2019

* The program schedules and requirements are subject to change without advanced notice. 

**The participation fee above does not include tax. The actual participation fee will include 8% tax.

We will be visiting the following place and working closely with the locals to explore the possibilities and discuss the challenges of Shirokawa.

Hosenbo Lodge- a therapeutic onsen resort

Hosenbo Lodge- a therapeutic onsen resort

Limestone Cave

Limestone Cave

Ryutakuji Temple

Ryutakuji Temple

Gallery Shirokawa

Gallery Shirokawa

Below is a rough schedule for the program.

August 26 (Monday)

Arrival at Matsuyama Airport/ JR Matsuyama Station

Move to Shirokawa (1.5 hours by car)

Orientation of Program/ Introduction to Shirokawa

August 27 (Tuesday)

Visit to Gallery Shirokawa/ Festival Museum/ Ryutakuji Temple

First Workshop to discuss first impressions/ potentials/ challenges of Shirokawa

August 28 (Wednesday)

Visit to Limestone Cave/ Footpath

Second Workshop to discuss first impressions/ potentials/ challenges of Shirokawa

August 29 (Thursday)

Visit and Stay at Hosenbo Lodge

August 30 (Friday)

Third Workshop to discuss first impressions/ potentials/ challenges of Shirokawa

Summary and Reflection

Trip will end at Matsuyama Airport or JR Matsuyama Station