Sosei Partners (Shimokawa)

Sosei Partners is a program initiated by BOUNDLESS Co., LTd.. The aim of Sosei Partners is to create an empowerment platform where the international community in Japan can work together with local regional partners to create synergy towards regional revitalization. 

The first project Sosei Partners (Shimokawa) is partnered with Shimokawa’s Town Promotion Department. During this internship period, a team of four international students from China, Thailand, Singapore and England stayed in Shimokawa for 10 days. The team visited government organizations, primary and secondary industries (agricultural and forestry) and non profit organizations in the town. The team then analyzed the tourism resources available in the town from various perspectives based on the respective trends in their own countries, in order to come up with the optimal strategy for Shimokawa. The team then proposes a new tourism strategy that is specifically targeted at each country to the town government.

Read the daily reports by our international participants here.





3月3日 調査チーム到着・環境未来都市下川町の紹介・一の橋木質バイオマス施設・菌生しいたけ工場見学

3月4日 移住者カフェ参加

3月5日 森のキツネ主催:バードコールづくり・森林散策

3月6日 手延べ麺工場見学・手延べ麺づくり体験、マイ箸づくり

3月7日 フルーツトマト生産現場視察・試食、下川町長への表敬訪問

3月8日 NPO森の生活主催:森林ウォーキング・アロマ蒸留体験

3月9日 ホワイトアスパラ生産現場視察

3月10日 しらかばsulo主催:しらかば雑貨づくり

3月11日 ソーリー工房主催:ハーブエキスを使った化粧水づくり

3月12日 町民向け調査報告会兼交流会