Sosei Partners (SMEs)


Meet Japanese SMEs engaging in international business. Learn about the opportunities outside Tokyo and take a glimpse at how these innovative regional SMEs are striving to be the connecting bridge between Japan and the world. 


This time, we are inviting the following two CEOs of Japanese SMEs. Learn about their business, contribute ideas from your unique perspective, and sow the seeds of your future in Japan.

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1. Gohan Standard (Winner of Finovation Challenge 2017- Business Contest on Regional Revitalization using FinTech and Innovation)

ゴハンスタンダード株式会社(地方創生XFintech & Innovationのビジネスコンテスト:Finovation Challenge 2017 最優秀賞受賞)

Gohan Standard aims to promote and sell Japanese produce to the world through its two services- Washoku Explorer and One Bite Japan.

ゴハンスタンダード株式会社は、Washoku ExplorerとOne Bite Japanという2つのサービスを通して日本の新鮮で美味しい食材を海外に届けることを目指しております。

Washoku Explorer is an online store targeted at overseas consumers that describes in detail the backgrounds of the produce, the production ground, and the producers. By doing so, consumers get to see the faces behind the goods, instead of just buying products of the shelves based on their exchange values (i.e. price tags). 

Washoku Explorerは日本の食を海外に販売するネット通販プラットフォームで、その食品の説明だけでなく、生産地や生産者の物語などを細かく書いています。スーパーで名札だけで買い物をするのではなく、ちゃんとその商品の裏にある顔とストーリーを描くオンラインショップです。海外に住んでいる人でも、Washoku Explorerを使えば、美味しい日本食の食材を簡単に手に入ります。


One Bite Japan is a sampling research service for Japanese food producers who are interested in expanding their business abroad. On one hand, people living outside Japan get to receive free Japanese food samples just by clicking "Bite" on this site. With this huge amount of data, One Bite Japan can then analyze the details of the people who are interested in a certain product, including their age group, country/ city of residence, gender and so on. This provides the Japanese producers and manufacturers with valuable advice as to which countries, age groups or people are more receptive of their products. 

One Bite Japanは海外輸出に挑戦する日本の食品メーカーのためのサンプリング調査サービスです。このサイトに登録して、食べてみたい食品にクリックすれば、海外に住んでいる方々でもヘルシーで美味しい日本食の無料サンプルを手に入ります。そして、サンプルを試食した後に調査アンケートに必ずご回答いただきます。登録している方々の年齢層、住んでいる国や地域、性別など、そしてアンケート結果によって様々な情報が手に入るので、これらのデータを用いて企業向けに貴重なアドバイスをすることができます。


2. Luce (Importer of Italian traditional wine and exporter of Hokkaido fruit juices)


Luce aims to contribute to the rich food culture and traditional culture of Japan, through its two main importing and exporting businesses. Moreover, Luce maintains an ethical and environmental friendly policy by using simple wrapping so as not to create unnecessary trash and burden to the nature and environment.


Importing Business

世界の素敵なものを日本へ (輸入の仕事) 

Limoncello is a type of traditional wine from the Capri Islands of Southern Italy. Luce first started off by bringing to Japan this 400 year old Italian tradition of making wine from lemon peels. Each product is made by hand and delivered to the consumer with love. This is how Luce started- to deliver love and happiness through delicious lemon products using fresh and simple ingredients from this region of Italy.


Exporting Business


Luce also deals with high quality Japanese products, such as the Yubari melons from Hokkaido. By transforming such branded fruits into wine, it becomes easier to deliver the original taste to the world. Luce plans to develop similar products using various Japanese fruits and to convey the gastronomy of Japan to the world.