Sosei Partners (SMEs) May Report 2017

Meet Japanese Startups

As part of our Sosei Partners (SMEs) program, we organized an event where international students get to meet SMEs connecting Japanese rural regions with the world. We had the following two participating companies and international students from various countries, universities and schools at the event, where the companies shared their businesses, what they value, how they plan to expand, and the challenges they are currently facing. On the other hand, the students posed questions, gave suggestions based on knowledge of their own countries, and had a rigorous discussion on how these companies could further expand outside Japan.

本日は、地方創生パートナーズ(中小企業) のイベントを開きました。地方創生パートナーズ(中小企業)とは、日本地方と世界をつなぐ国際的なビジネスに取り組んでいる会社と、日本で勉強している留学生とつなぐ目的で始まったプロジェクトです。今回は以下の2つの会社と様々な国、大学や学校から来ている留学生が集まりました。中小企業からはご自身のビジネス、価値観、今後の展開、または現在抱えている課題について話していただいてから、学生のほうから質問したり、自分の国の市場や傾向に基づいて提案したりし、両者の間に活発なディスカッションが行われました。

1. Gohan Standard (Winner of Finovation Challenge 2017- Business Contest on Regional Revitalization using FinTech and Innovation)

Gohan Standard aims to promote and sell Japanese produce to the world through its two services- Washoku Explorer and One Bite Japan.

1. ゴハンスタンダード株式会社(地方創生XFintech & Innovationのビジネスコンテスト:Finovation Challenge 2017 最優秀賞受賞)

ゴハンスタンダード株式会社は、Washoku ExplorerとOne Bite Japanという2つのサービスを通して日本の新鮮で美味しい食材を海外に届けることを目指しております。

2. Luce (Importer of Italian traditional wine and exporter of Hokkaido fruit juices)

Luce aims to contribute to the rich food culture and traditional culture of Japan, through its two main importing and exporting businesses. Moreover, Luce maintains an ethical and environmental friendly policy by using simple wrapping so as not to create unnecessary trash and burden to the nature and environment.

2. ルーチェ(イタリアの伝統酒の輸入と北海道のフルーツチェロ(リキュール)の輸出)


It was a fruitful event where the companies got fresh perspectives and new ideas on how to proceed from here in order to expand their businesses. On the other hand, the students got to learn more about SMEs working on interesting international business with the regions all around Japan. There are plenty of opportunities and possibilities beyond the big cities, and this activity was able to bridge these regional SMEs with the international students. We hope to carry on organizing similar events to connect international students with the regions in order to realize regional revitalization.