Social Innovation Japan X Sosei Partners

Our event with Social Innovation Japan last Tuesday was a huge success as more than 40 people of a diversity of backgrounds, nationalities and age groups showed up and participated in the discussions with fervor and enthusiasm. 

先週の火曜日に行われたSocial Innovation Japanとの共同企画は大盛況でした。40名を超える様々な国籍、背景、職業、年齢の参加者が集い、白熱した議論を交わした。


BOUNDLESS and Sosei Partners founder Dennis spoke about the realities of regional decline and revitalization, the Sosei Partners activities, and the vision moving forward. In the second half of the session, we had a group discussion where we exchanged ideas over topics on revitalization and innovation. The problems of regional decline is something that is not confined to Japan but universal across the world, and we aim to continue bridging rural Japan with the world and promoting “glocalization” and revitalization. Join us and be part of Japan's revitalization!