Sosei Partners Activites (April - May)

BOUNDLESS is organizing a series of activities to connect the international community with the other regions of Japan. Learn more about Japan from various perspectives, and hear from key players engaged in interesting projects from all over Japan!

Feel free to invite your friends and join us! Participation is free! (You have to pay for your own transportation costs and other expenses.)

Details about the meeting place and time will be sent to you after registration.




1. Meet the Master Behind the Silicon Valley of Rural Japan- Kamiyama-cho(日本のシリコンバレー神山町の秘密を探ろう)

Date and Time: 19:00 ~ 21:00, 26 April (Wednesday)

Venue: KAIDO books & coffee (Shinagawa) (103 Maruya Building, Kita Shinagawa 2-3-7, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0001)(〒140-0001東京都品川区北品川2-3-7丸谷ビル103)

Description: Kamiyama-cho, a little town located in the mountains of Tokushima Prefecture, is slowly gaining attention from other parts of Japan, as more and more satellite offices of IT companies congregate in this rural part of Japan. Meet the man who has been working on this project for the past ten years and find out the secret behind this success story.(徳島県の山奥に位置する神山町はIT企業のサテライトオフィスが集まっていることから、日本のシリコンバレーと呼ばれています。この取り組みを10年間かけて仕掛けてきた方と直接会ってお話を聞いて秘密を探りましょう!)

Max Capacity: 10 people(最大10人)

2. aeru- blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design and lifestyle(和える:日本の伝統産業に現代のデザインを)

Date and Time: 13:00 ~15:00, 4th May (Thursday/ National Holiday)

Venue: aeru meguro (3 Chome-10-50 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa, Tokyo)(東京都品川区上大崎3-10-50)

Description: aeru is a start-up company that aims to pass down Japanese tradition and culture to the next generation. It has a series of projects, including working with artisans to make new products by blending traditional craftsmanship such as lacquer, traditional dye and others, with modern design and lifestyle. Aeru is currently working with hotels and a wide range of other stakeholders to blend Japanese tradition into our daily lives. Let’s visit its Tokyo base in Meguro to learn more!(和えるは日本の伝統文化を次世代につなぐために様々な取り組みをされています。そのひとつが、漆や染め物などといった日本の伝統技術を現代のデザインと掛け合わせて、0歳から6歳の子供向けのベビーグッズブランドをプロデュースしています。現在はほかには、ホテルとの連携も始めており、様々な取り組みを通して日本の伝統文化を日常生活に溶け込めようとしています。そんな和えるの東京のお店、aeru meguroを訪ねましょう!)


More to Come!