Sosei Partners (seiyo)

Sosei Partners (Seiyo) started in January 2019, in collaboration with Relation Co., Ltd. Seiyo is famous for its orange and citrus farms, as well as its pearl breeding industry. In fact, Ehime prefecture, where Seiyo is located, is the largest pearl breeding ground in Japan. Also, during the Edo period (1600s ~ 1868), the area around Seiyo served as important Shukuba (post-stations), which provides lodging and rest areas, restaurants and teahouses for public officials of the Shogunate. As such, old buildings lasting from the Edo period still exist today, giving the streets of Seiyo a uniquely retro atmosphere, blended with its rich nature. Our first program in January 2019 involved participants from United States, Canada, Spain, Singapore and Malaysia who are residing in various parts of Japan. We stayed in the Akehama region of Seiyo, where we met orange farmers and pearl breeding fishermen, visited Muchacha-en - arguably the largest company in Seiyo that is rooted to the community, and met locals of all walks of life. Our first program’s main aim was to establish relationships with the locals, find out the local situation- the problems and potentials, and connect it to the next project.