Professional Interpretation Services


BOUNDLESS offers professional interpretation services (English - Japanese; Japanese- English) for foreign visitors to Japan. Dennis Chia, the founder of BOUNDLESS, has rich experience in interpreting for visits to rural Japan, including educational trips, company visits and other activities. He is especially specialized in sustainable development (in terms of primary industries such as farming, fishing and forestry), sustainable tourism, disaster recovery and other frontier projects initiated by Japan.

Below is a portfolio of selected past interpretation services provided to highly qualified professionals from abroad. Feel free to contact us should you need our services. 



TOKYO SEEDS- Japan Railway East (JR East) Yamanote Line Rebranding Project 2017/ 2018

TOKYO SEEDS- JR東日本山手線ブランディングプロジェクト 2017/ 2018


Dennis was the main interpreter for Tokyo Seeds- a project by JR East, the largest railway company in Japan, that aims to rebrand the Yamanote Line from fresh perspectives of designers from 8 countries of 5 continents around the world, in order to bring out and convey the charms of Tokyo to the world.

Asia Student Package Design Competition (ASPaC) 2016/ 2017/ 2018

アジア学生パッケージデザインコンペティション(ASPaC)2016/ 2017/ 2018


ASPaC is an intercultural exchange project that aims to groom talented youths of Asia. It is the world's largest package design competition for students, as we have had participants from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and China over the past few years. Through this program, students get to learn about design as well as cultures from each other, through the common keyword of "package design".

DOOR to ASIA- Designers in Residence Project 2016/ 2017/ 2018

アジア8ヵ国のデザイナーの地域滞在型プロジェクト 2016/ 2017/ 2018


アジアのデザイナーが地域に一定期間滞在し、地元事業者と自国をつなぐための「コミュニケーションデザイン」を制作するデザイナーズ・イン・レジデンス形式プログラムDoor to Asiaにて通訳を担当しました。今までは日本、韓国、台湾、中国、タイ、インドネシア、ベトナム、シンガポール、マレーシア、インド出身のデザイナーが参加しています。

Dennis was the interpreter for Door to Asia- a Designers in Residence program where designers from Asian countries gather in a community for a period of time to create " communication design" for the local companies. We have had professional designers from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and India joining this program.

2017/3/15 ~ 2017/3/18 William Wongso氏の気仙沼視察ツアー


インドネシアを代表するセレブリティシェフWilliam Wongsoの4日間にわたる気仙沼視察の通訳をさせていただきました。気仙沼の一次二次産業の視察、商工会議所での会議、そして地元民向けの講演会で通訳を担当しました。

Dennis was the interpreter for Indonesia's celebrity chef William Wongso during his 4-day visit to Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture. This included his visits to local primary and secondary industries, meetings with the head of the local chamber of commerce, and his talk to the locals of Kesennuma.

2017/2/22 ~ 2017/2/26 Harold Goodwin教授の来日

レスポンシブルツーリズム(責任のある観光)を専門とするイギリス教授Harold Goodwin先生の岩手県遠野市、宮城県石巻市、そして長野県小布施町での視察の通訳を担当しました。

Dennis was the interpreter for Professor Harold Goodwin from England, specialized in responsible tourism, during his trip to Tono city, Iwate Prefecture; Ishinomaki city, Miyagi Prefecture; and Obuse town, Nagano Prefecture.

2015/3/14 ~ 2015/3/17 第3回国連防災世界会議でSaidur Rahman氏の通訳


第三回国連防災世界会議に伴って行われた市民防災世界会議でバングラデシュの政府代表のSaidur Rahman氏の通訳をさせていただきました。

Dennis was the interpreter for Mr. Saidur Rahman, the Bangladesh representative at the Civil Society Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction, held in conjunction with the 3rd United Nations World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction.

2017/3/17 第3回国連防災世界会議のアフリカ・中央アジア諸国のゲストの通訳


Dennis was the interpreter for guests from Rwanda, Afghanistan and other countries during their visit to Ishinomaki, as part of the 3rd United Nations World Conference for Disaster Risk Reduction.

2014/1/7 カンボジア上級商業大臣Sun Chanthol氏の通訳


Dennis was the interpreter for His Excellency Sun Chanthol, the Senior Minister of Commerce, during his meeting in Japan with Japanese companies planning to expand to Cambodia.