Sosei Partners (Minami Ashigara)- Since August 2018

Sosei Partners (Minami Ashigara) started in August 2018, in a multi-stakeholder collaboration with Fuji Xerox, Yokohama National University and Minami Ashigara city government. Our areas of focus are in Minami Ashigara city and Odawara city, both of which are located in the western part of Kanagawa prefecture. Being just two hours away from Tokyo, yet surrounded by mountains and seas, Minami Ashigara is a hybrid of a city and rural town, that is actively engaged in community gardening and agriculture. 

In August 2018, in a team of international students, architects and entrepreneurs from a wide range of countries such as Italy, Japan, Spain, France, Singapore and USA, we did a fieldwork on the grounds of Kataura district of Odawara and Yagurasawa of Minami Ashigara, spoke with locals to learn about the bigger picture of what they envision their hometown to be in the future. This project will be 3-year long, as we attempt to work with the locals to revitalize the region through community gardening.

Read our detailed report of the Minami Ashigara Summer Innovation College Program.