Our project in Shimokawa started in March 2017, where we partnered with Shimokawa's Town Promotion Department and Shimokawa Tourism Board. Sosei Partners (Shimokawa) focuses on Shimokawa's sustainable management of its forest resources and adaptation to aging society. 

Shimokawa is a little town located in Northern Hokkaido, with 90% of its land covered with forests. Shimokawa has a sustainable forestry management system, where it utilizes every part of the forests- logwood, leaves, bark, branches, tree sap and even the wood chips, to build houses, manufacture furniture, make bowls and accessories, produce aroma oil, and even produce biomass energy. This comprehensive forestry management system was recognized by the national government, which led to its recipient of the first Japan SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Award in 2018.

We have organized 5 learning programs since March 2017 involving more than 30 participants from 20 different countries and regions. In our program, participants get to experience first-hand cutting of the pine branches and leaves in the forests using a saw, and distilling them to produce aroma and essential oil. Participants also get to enjoy the vast nature and breathtaking sceneries on a bicycle, by the river and from an observatory tower that overlooks the gorgeous town.

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